Immune System Blues or Avoidance of Degenerative Diseases

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Our health is the only thing we have; we can not really exist without it. Avoidance of degenerate disease and longevity go hand in hand. The attackers are Viruses, Allergens, Bacteria, Molds, Etc.

In a lot of ways, our gastrointestinal tract is our second immune system and our second brain. Natrens Bifidus Factors re-implants that good bacteria that you lost from pharmaceuticals, antibiotics etc and is also a big help for digestion and any immune disorder. We need to be constantly on the defense. Detoxification and cleansing are always one of the first steps. The Green Foods by Dr. Hagiwora, Green Magma, also recommended by Dr. Elson M Haas, author of The New Detox Diet, help with your Acid & Alkaline balance. We are attacked by Infection, Inflammation, and Metabolic Diseases, Moducare by Wakunaga / Kyolic increases the Natural Killer Cells for overactive or under active immunity. It comes from Plant Fats, known as Sterols / Sterolins. Moducare also comes in chewable grape flavor.

All chronic and metabolic diseases cause immune system failure. The Lifestyle Disease Division of the Ministry of Health and Labor in their 2006 report, said that the Metabolic Syndrome shows up in one out of every two men, ages 40-74 and beyond. With women, it's one out of every five in the same age group. This shows that high blood pressure, high cholesterol and elevated insulin levels are going through the roof. We are not paying attention to these warnings. Ridgecrest Herbals has Blood Sugar Balance, with all the Chinese botanicals to encourage natural harmony. Jarrow Formulas has Glucose Optimizer, with all the herbs, amino acids and full spectrum ingredients. Our protective immune cells, which are the elite warriors of the white blood cells, are screaming, help me, help me. They need your help in defending them against the super germs and super microbes, and warding off the stressors of our environment and lifestyle, and the pharmaceuticals that gobble up all our nutrients. Mangoxan by Pure Fruit Technologies helps the absorption of antioxidants, and other nerve damages. They also have Goji-Zen. Goji also known as Wolfberry in traditional Chinese medicine has been in use for Eye Health, for twenty centuries.

Our diets are low in immune strengthening nutrients causing in depression and other immunological factors. Nobody can eat enough, that's a fool's tale in this day and age, considering what our generation is up against. Different organs of our body require different nutrients, as they all go down to different cell receptor sites for repairing, and we need to repair every single day. Antibodies, what are they? That's what is released by our Immune System, if the immune system is working properly. Now Foods has Immune Advantage, with all the Immunoglobulins, that work with our red blood cells and Proline, an amino acid for Heart Health. Now Foods also has Colostrum, which is a very important function of those antibodies to destroy and prevent naughty cells from developing. It comes in powder or caps. While pollution and chemicals affect us at the cellular level, nutritionals will help keep us living longer and healthier and slow down our aging clock. So send in nutritional support for your body's defense team and become a lean mean fighting machine.

Now for our picky children, they also need immune help, they usually do not eat right and are exposed to all kinds of germs. Healthasure has the Gummie Bear packs with all the nutrients, and Hero Nutritional Products has the Yummie Bears, a whole food fruit and veggie blend. And what about our pet's, they come down with almost the same problems we do. Mezotrace has a complete formula, which includes all the B vitamins, antioxidants and trace minerals. Jarrow Formulas has the Intestinal For Pets, this has all the good strains of Probiotics, It can be mixed in their foods for detoxification and bad breath.

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