Alternative Cancer Cures – The Making of A Cure

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The official therapies are therapies that have been tried for a long time. Normally a drug before it can be marketed and used for the therapeutic purposes, it must pass a series of tests according to strict scientific criteria on which there is international agreement.

More precisely, when a group of researchers envisions a new treatment, everything is started first by the preclinical phase, ie the study of the chemical and toxicological properties of the substance, with the aim of identifying the possible toxicity in the laboratory. Only then the real clinical trials on humans starts, which is divided into 3 phases.

In Phase I (which takes about 1 year) the absence of toxicity (already detected in preclinical laboratory) on human beings, must be confirmed. In Phase II (which takes about 4 years) the antitumor activity of the drug needs to be verified, dosage and time setting and grouping subjects (about a hundred) based on similar characteristics needs to be done as well.

In phase III (which can last many years) focuses on trying to determine the effectiveness of the drug compared to existing therapies. The trial involves thousands of people (according to a prerequisite protocol in which they are supervised only patients with certain characteristics). Once assessed the effectiveness over the years in terms of increased survival compared to existing drugs, and the extent of long-term side effects, the drug has a green light to be commercialized.

This means, that, a drug before being placed on the market employs 10 to 15 years. It is a regulation to protect the health of the patient, which contravenes the use of a drug that has not yet passed all the tests.

Scientific thought.

Science always proceeds according to a criteria: everything that does not exceed certain evidence is not significant. Consequently, it has no value, does not exist. It is an approach that offers patients the best chance of cure for cancer of the known and proven ones.

And it's a good thing. Because there is no universally accepted criterion that determines what is the therapy that offers the best chance of success among the many existing.

Thanks to scientific research, doctors have been able to set the most appropriate therapy for each tumor type, that type of treatment option (surgery, chemotherapy drug, etc …) to choose depending on the stage of disease and the patient characteristics. In other words, you can choose the therapeutic strategy that on paper offers the best chance of success.

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