How Can I Achieve My Goals

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What is a goal?

A goal is basically a target that is set, to reach, as a step towards success. In order to be successful at anything, you need to approach it a step at a time, and many smaller steps are easier to take than one big one, so goals are steps.

Setting your goals

The biggest mistakes most people make when they are setting goals are:

  1. They set unrealistic goals that are impossible to reach
  2. They are not specific about their goals
  3. They don’t write down their goals
  4. They don’t really believe they can achieve their goals

Don’t try to run before you can walk when setting goals. They should be attainable, easily within your reach without struggling. If you do set impossible goals then when you find you can’t reach them, you are most likely to give up. Give yourself a chance!

What exactly is it that you want to be successful at? If you don’t know then how can you set goals? You have to know beyond any doubt what you want, what you have a burning desire for, before you can focus on your goals.

Put pen to paper and write down your goals in order of preference, in fact write down your goals every day and read them out loud to yourself. Do this religiously until they are burnt into your mind, until they are part of your every day life.

Now that you have written down those goals, take a look at the first one. Ask yourself “Can I achieve this?” If you have set a realistic goal then the answer should be yes. If the answer is no, then you have either set a unrealistic goal or you just don’t believe you can reach it. You must believe in yourself if you want to become successful, you must have conviction in order to succeed.

Focus on one goal at a time and persevere until you have reached it, it may take a while. When you have achieved that goal, slap yourself on the back, treat yourself in some way as a reward for your efforts. Design a certificate, print it and stick it on the wall, where you can see it every day. Then move on to the next goal.

By approaching success in a structured, step-by-step manner, the transition from where you are today- to- where you want to be, will be a gentle climb, intead of the mountain you thought you would have to scale when you were focused on the end goal–Success!

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